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Vantastec Fridge Vans

Fridge Vans - Refrigerated Vans

"Fridge Vans" are the biggest investment that a business can make; here at Vantastec Ltd we have a large selection of high quality fridge vans and "refrigerated vans" in stock at great prices that suit you.

Looking for the right vehicle for your business then look no further cause Vantastec commercial vehicles are here to help 
you, with many years of experience in the refrigerated van sector. We can find the exact vehicle that suits your needs.

we are specialists in the sale of new and used "fridge vans" and refrigerated vans, if you need help we will guarantee to help you find the perfectly suited vehicle that matches your needs.

Vantastec Ltd will deliver your fridge vans to your required destination for free in the main land UK or to a port of your choice so you can focus on the important thing your business.

Catering Vans - Fridge Vans

Here at Vantastec Ltd we have a specialised catering department who are all highly trained in fridge vans and catering vans who can assist you with you purchase of your new or used catering vans we also have an on site installation team with highly trained engineers who can help solve all your catering problems.

Finance - Lease

We at Vantastec are here to help you with your van financing needs, we have trained staff who can talk you through all the options available to you and they can even aid you by doing a finance check with many of our finance providers and we will always tell you the best option available to you, speak to one of our trained advisers today and they will gladly answer all the questions you may have.

Vantastec Special Offers

Fiat Doblo Refrigerated Van, 1.3 D From £139

Fiat Doblo Refrigerated Van, 1.3 D From £139

Fiat Doblo Refrigerated Van, 1.3 D From £139